kitset gabion baskets Assembly

gabion panels layout

6 gabion panels are used to construct the first gabion

See video

gabion how to videos
gabion shared panel

Shared end panels may not be needed

gabion foundation compacted

Check out the info on foundations

gabion orders

Kitset gabion orders ready for dispatch

Smaller orders are sent by courier, all orders are sent flat packed

gabion rock fill example

No sturctural gabion walls, can use lower grade rock as infil

More information ion rock here

YouTube video on helical installation

YouTube video on bracewire, max sapcing 350mm

YouTube video on deflection

More information on mesh selection here

gabion baskets ready to fill

Gabions ready for rock

Complete with bracewires, longer gabions are supplied with diaphragms

gabion bracewire spacing

Max spacing of bracewires is 350mm in both directions

Temporary wires at the top of the gabion will make fitting the lid easier
When using rounded river rock as gabion fill, you may need to install additional bracewires to reduce bulging

gabion rock filling sequence

How to fill the gabions

gabion bracing when filling

Using temporary bracing during rock installation

plywood gabion formwork

Plywood formwork can be used to get straight walls

hand placing gabion rock

Hand placing the “best rocks” to get the required look

Over or undersized rocks can be placed in the middle of the wall

steel gabion support posts

Support posts are required for tall thin walls

Check out the info on wall stability

gabion wall construction

Structural integrity

Of gabions relies on the gabions being tightly packed with hard, heavy, durable fill.
Loosely packed of light weight fill compromises the gabions ability to resist loads placed on them.