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38 customer comments
  1. Garry
    Garry says:

    Hi, regarding in fill for you baskets; what would be the price range from the least least to most expensive?

    As well is fill measured in cubic meters or by the metric tonne?


    • David Bird
      David Bird says:

      Hi Garry
      We only sell the kitset flat packed gabions, the cost for rock fill does vary from supplier to supplier. We are able to tell you how many m3 of rock is required to fill your gabions, often quarries sell rock by the tonne, and an average conversion is 1m3 equals 1.7 tonnes. Any other questions please email us on

  2. Warren Boucher
    Warren Boucher says:

    Gabion 1 service and delivery was easy and prompt. The quality and packing of the product delivered the product in excellent condition without error. We are very happy with the result of the finished baskets.

  3. says:

    Hi David, Thank you very much for your all of your help in supplying the gabion cages for my landscaped garden. knowledge of products and your help in coming up with a solution for us has been fantastic. You were a real pleasure to deal with. The cages look fantastic!!…….Keep up the great work!

  4. Robyn Pollock
    Robyn Pollock says:

    David and his team were really communicative and thorough in the information they provided including being patient when gabion sizes were changed mid order. Gabions are easily constructed and sturdy and delivered well packed and organised making construction straightforward. I enjoy looking at the website for built outcomes and ideas others are building.

  5. John Tozer
    John Tozer says:

    With the help of our landscaper, we recently completed construction of a Gabion wall 7+ meters long, 1.2 meters high and 0.6 meters thick, with a 0.5 meter poured concrete foundation. The wall beautifully matches in with an existing stone wall, parts of which are over 100 years old, using stone from the same quarry. What was just a crumbling dirt escarpment is now a major feature of our outdoor entertainment area.

  6. Cath Henry
    Cath Henry says:

    Gday thankyou so muc, most easiest companies I have dealt with. Our delivery came today. Looking forward to see how my project cames together over the weekend.

    Cheers Cath

  7. Bianca Jonson
    Bianca Jonson says:

    My husband and I picked gabion walls because we needed to construct a large retaining wall and wanted to save ourselves as much money as we possibly could! I am absolutely amazed at the final result and service provided by Gabiob1. I would recommend anyone who’s up for a bit of hard yakka to do it! Bianca Jonson

  8. Tina Thorup
    Tina Thorup says:

    Had so much fun assembling the Gabion cages. Used them for a fire pit where we had dug out in a half circle. The cages act as retaining walls and benches at the same time. Looks amazing. Inserted pieces of rusty old things for fun.
    I would definitely recommend using Gabion cages as they are easy to assemble, look great and probably last a life time.

  9. Chris Parker
    Chris Parker says:

    We bought two 1050 * 750 * 375 cages and found your company helpful and responsive. Delivery was timely and the components were very well protected and wrapped.
    We have no concerns about recommending Gabion1 to potential clients

    Chris Parker

    STEPHEN says:


  11. Florido Bizzozero
    Florido Bizzozero says:

    Very easy to assemble. Did the job and looks good. Prompt delivery. Got rid of a few piles of rocks that we had around our property. The good thing is that it didn’t really matter how big or small the rocks were. I now have a good feel for what it takes to shift 6+ cubic meters of rock …… single handed.

  12. Dave Swainsbury
    Dave Swainsbury says:

    After some time in the planning my Gabion Basket stone wall is complete. It has certainly attracted some interest in my court and the town. When working in front of house every man and his dog wants to know what is going on. Thanks to David Bird for his engineering skills and patience to get me confident and skilled enough to do it. The end result is very satisfying. Most of all she who must be obeyed is happy as well.

  13. John Purcell
    John Purcell says:

    Built a 12 metre ornamental wall using 2100 X 600 X 600 Gabions which we have filled with bush rock. All very easy, very cost effective and a good and interesting look. David and Gabion1 were very helpful with everything ordered arriving promptly. Would happily recommend both the concept of Gabion walls and Gabion1.

  14. Carmel Tobin
    Carmel Tobin says:

    Very happy with my gabion baskets. They were delivered very promptly and were easy to put together. I’ve put them over my buxus balls to protect them from the kids’ basketball and they are doing the job admirably. I’m thinking of letting the plants grow into squares to cover the whole basket or I may just let them develop into perfect round balls with no big holes in the middle where the basketball used to land! I’ve been looking for a solution to this problem for years and I think I’ve finally found it.

  15. Sue
    Sue says:

    Quick delivery and very easy to construct. Good solid baskets too. We only used one gabion for a seat, but it has transformed our courtyard.

  16. waratah landscapes
    waratah landscapes says:

    Just finished a job using several different sized baskets. The website is great to use. The product is simple to use. End result a successful job and a very happy customer.
    Thank you
    Nick Ernest waratah landscapes blue mountains NSW

  17. Courtney
    Courtney says:

    The gabion1 team were really helpful when I was trying to describe what I was after using badly drawn pictures. They sent me back a professional looking drawing with measurements and individual boxes marked in, so that when I orderd them it was simple to assemble.
    My partner & father were convinced it would be a nightmare to put together (I’m good at wanting complicated things) but the boxes are super simple to assemble and you start to get an idea of the end result as soon as you start. The YouTube videos are also really helpful. They make a great low wall which our garden will one day spill over! I’m super pleased with the result.

  18. Anne
    Anne says:

    Gabion1 gives great personalised service. I didn’t feel like I was dealing with an on-line supplier. David was very obliging with emails back and forth until I had a better understanding of the logistics for my free-standing letterbox project. It is important to get the stability ratio (height/width) right for unsupported (free-standing) baskets, so always ask rather than presume your dimensions will work. I collected the materials myself (Joe in the yard was friendly and helpful) and suddenly I had a DIY project in the making.. The assembly is very easy; I found gravity made the spiral wire installation virtually “instant”, and I would recommend standing up a pair of panels and letting the helical “fall” into place. Once you have two panels standing, the process gets even easier; it took me about 3 minutes to make my basket. It can be a bit tricky moving the basket from where you make it to where you want to place it, but I used 4 large clothes pegs to “clamp” the corners so the helicals didn’t fall out in transit. I would definitely recommend using brace wires (I imprrovised with a roll of wire, whereas some Gabion1 dimensions come with them) as there was a slight bulge evident as the rock-stacking progressed, so I had to remove some rocks, add some bracewires and alter the way I was stacking the rocks. The only reason the bulge developed was because I had one of the 4 sides undone, like a “door”, so I could place rocks at the lower levels, then as the rocks got to a level where I could lean in from the top, I closed the “door”. A great satisfying project. The hard work is in the carting and laying the rocks, so don’t underestimate that.

  19. Tony
    Tony says:

    Excellent service. Very responsive to initial query and completion of order. Good communication from staff about delivery and subsequent queries. And from a man who has historically struggled with ikea kits very simple to assemble. Would recommend to anybody

  20. Chris
    Chris says:

    Thanks Guys, great service, quick delivery, exellent product. Easy to create a great looking result with no experience. I wasn’t sure it was worth getting the helicals but they really give it that professional look. All the info on the website is really helpful too.

  21. Bill from St George area
    Bill from St George area says:

    A stylish and cost-effective way to add structure to a sloping block. Also sustainable in many ways: 1. it re-uses waste rubble, 2. provides a safe environment for frogs and lizards, 3. Increases surface area for planting – verticals as well as the horizontal. Thank you. Some years ago we replaced sagging wooden sleeper walls with these gabions and they have looked better and better since then.

  22. David Somerville
    David Somerville says:

    Great communication and service combined with quick delivery! I had a large trench to fill next to the house behind a temporary retaining wall – the gabion’s were a great way to dispose of the concrete rubble from the patio in a ‘structural’ manner which enabled me to pave over the top.

  23. Denis
    Denis says:

    I rang Gabion1 a few times to get as much info on the cages before looking at how I would use them. Always friendly and questions answered with patience. I picked up my cages at the yard no problems. My small wall was only 450h, 300w, and 10mts long so I “cheated” and used stack stone tiles (on sale so a good price) on the face and brick rubble behind. I still have to “cap” the wall…deciding on timber or pavers (set on blue board). When doing another wall I would try and obtain clean bricks….the old mortar on the bricks was sometimes a nuisance. A big thank you to the Gabion1 team…my little wall gets lots of comments. Cheers, Denis.

  24. Mark and Sian Geerligs
    Mark and Sian Geerligs says:

    This product is terrific. The number of comments from our neighbours has been amazing. Looking at your youtubes helped us feel less uncertain about using the product. In actual fact it was as easy as the youtubes say. We were able to complete the wall by ourselves in only a few days. We used Gabion rock which really needs a bit of time to ensure that the face rocks are flat and fit together. It was like a 12m long jigsaw puzzle.
    The cost of this product and the rock delivered was a lot cheaper than constructing a block, concete or sleeper wall.
    We decided to create a letter box stand using the left over rock and purchasing a sheet of mesh from the hardware. It really finished the whole job well.
    My wife and I are not in the building, construction or even tradie industry.
    We had a great time doing it and have a sense of great satisfaction that we did it ourselves.

  25. Stephen Williams
    Stephen Williams says:

    The product is awesome and so easy to put together, all information is on the website and very user friendly. We filled the cages with rounded river stones and we love it and the feedback from neighbours has been great. From start to finish has been easy…. Thanks guys… A great product and it has the street talking.

  26. Louis Zaragoza
    Louis Zaragoza says:

    Easy to put together and fill. I filled my cages with railway ballast and the cages proved to be strong and durable. The assembly was very easy too. I am about to order more for my garden. Thanks guys and looks awesome and unique in my neighborhood.

  27. Thomas Stonehouse
    Thomas Stonehouse says:

    although your walls will never be seen they have a critical role in ensuring my house and sheds don’t slip downhill into my neighbours property! short story ; my neighbour excavated to build a house, didn’t need a retaining wall, didn’t complete drainage, wouldn’t cooperate when lots of rain caused slippage, wouldn’t contribute to new fence ,retaining wall, concrete pathways 5000gal water tank , wouldn’t allow access for excavator so i could remove 60 tonne of mud. so i employed an offset mini excavator and installed gabion cages all by hand . so far [12 month ago] after concreting over cages and building a colorbond fence there is only a couple of surface cracks and gabion foundation is holding well [held in place by gal star pickets driven deep.
    Cost so far is $17,000. only regret is that i should have use thicker cages!!
    i’ll attach photo’s if i can.

  28. Philip Crosbie
    Philip Crosbie says:

    We choose Gabion1, initially, based on the clear and detailed information on the website.
    After completing the gabion walls, we were very happy we used Gabion1 for the gabion baskets.
    All our questions during design & quoting were answered promptly and the product quality and delivery were excellent.
    We put together three gabion walls, totalling about 9m in length, with baskets measuring 600mm high x 300mm in depth. These were filled with local quarry rocks (50-200mm).

    We are very happy with the ultimate structure and look of the gabion walls, and they have achieved exactly the rustic terracing effect we wanted.

    We used 150mm deep compacted crushed rock for the footings, this worked well. A lesson learnt along the way was to get this absolutely level and compacted before assembling the cages and placing rocks. It is much easier to adjust position or levelness before filling the baskets up with rocks!

    We also used additional ‘ends’ within the longer baskets to avoid distortion of the visual side faces. It was a bit more work, but we thought worthwhile doing.

    Thanks again David and team, we know where to come back to next time we require gabion products!

  29. Mike Yalden
    Mike Yalden says:

    What an easy system to use. I was a little apprehensive at first but the assembly was particularly very easy even for someone who has major back problems and limited bending ability.
    Did have to get some help with the basalt bluestone rock placing inside the cages but the end result is spectacular I would recommend to everyone who needs any type of fence.

    • David Bird
      David Bird says:

      All our gabions are treated with galfan to give a 50+ year life span in non marine environments.
      Untreated gabions will rust and the weakened rusty wire may then snap under the weight of rocks after a few years.
      So not really a long term option for retaining walls

  30. Joe Weinhardt
    Joe Weinhardt says:

    I have purchased gabions from Gabion1 in february 2016. Very happy with the delivery as well as some advice from David. Easy to set up and fill! Having had them for over 18 months, I am still more than happy with everything.
    Next order for another 8 odd meters is coming within this month. Thanks, David and Gabion1.

  31. tino
    tino says:

    David and the team were great to work with. I bought the gabions and filled them with round river pebbles to act as a small feature wall for an outdoor patio area.

    Easy to put together and install.


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